You All Are Part Of Something Much Bigger At Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities

Remember! You all are part of something much bigger than you can understand at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities. Many already have experienced and know that help is granted from your guides, ascended masters, angels, and star beings family, those who are true within their hearts.

Each one of you beloved children has access to a vast vault of knowledge and riches that is available in divine right and divine order.

Our families from the stars are arriving. December 2017 concludes another Euiago cycle which occurs every 26 566 years. It is time to remember what you already know and trust this glorious journey of our evolution in the now future of our multidimensionality.

Many of you can see, feel and understand, yet we are very small percentage assisting “Gaia” our planet earth.

Together we can free our planet from the Effluvia which is to clear the space, the air, from injurious influences, like the chemtrails and all our past and present reincarnations that are still alternating parallel realities from lack and limitation, as all the decay set on our planet earth.

Many souls including yours have been waiting for this cycle of ascension. Therefore the arrival and assistance of our star families from other planets is propitious for the betterment of our world. They are here to free our minds from the limitations set by cultures, religions, indoctrinations, governments, sects and cults.

To assist us to raise our consciousness to free you from slavery, diseases, poverty and control of the masses of people, places, things, and events.

This is not about judging those who are not ready for change, instead those ascending ones to assist others in their process of personal ascension. The Now cosmic energies are building and growing into higher and higher frequencies.

This is why in order to receive a message from your higher dimensional star family from other planets; you will need to match the frequency of your consciousness with the frequency of their message at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.

We all are multidimensional beings, we all can accrete higher levels of conscious vibration, and yet, there are many humans that are not taking the responsibility of their conscious choices. Those who are still in denial are supporting others who are controlling humanity.

These beloved fellow humans will see the arrival of the Star beings from other planets as a threat.

This message is intended to guide you awakening ones to remembering the purity of your hearts to be unified as the collective consciousness of the human race with love and ease to all that is.

Dear light workers on planet earth it is our most beloved desires to assist many others in calming their fears with unconditional love, kindness, and support.

It is time to remember that we are free in our mind, body, and spirit to choose the light in times of darkness. As the landings of our star family beings from other planets would be the most magnificent event in human history.

To be united by the power of our hearts and the Omni love of the creator, which is part of all that exist not only on planet earth, on other planets as well there is other beings part of the creator of all.

We all have been made from this light, and that is why beings from other planets will come to connect their hearts higher frequency vibration and light with all of us.

There will be many others who still frightened by the higher form of life entering our daily reality. Many of you that host a loving and generous vibration will understand their arrival of our multidimensional families and members of other planets.

Those who are still holding resentment and fear from past lifetimes will look at these beings appearing to be better than them. Therefore they will perceive this arrival or event as a threatening.

Remember who you are and open the portal where your pure hearts will guide to reach for your multidimensional frequencies to reach and connect with all-star beings that are made from the light of the creator.

To worry about an inexistent future only create fear an unbalanced within your etheric field, trust, follow your heart desires. Surrender to your higher self, the closest part of God within you. Let your ego in the 3D and allow your spirit to soar the seas of the 5D, The unlimited potential of your multidimensional being.

Perhaps by changing your point of view and perspective will take you out of the victimization, lack, feelings of unworthiness, and self-destructive programs.

Maybe the best way to see what is happening is to think as; we the collective consciousness on planet earth has been decided to assist other planets in preventing their destructions from those controlling them.

To teach them how to survive the adversity of their reality and much more, that is why we would give a hand to those in need is the principle of brother and sisterhood.

We are all one and ONE consciousness we must remain to succeed as a human race at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.

Many blessings to you all, from my heart to yours.


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