Wealthy Affiliate A Limitless You Challenge About Money


There are some limiting beliefs’ that causes us to stuck when we approached Wealthy Affiliate training programs on their platform. These beliefs’ systems makes us stuck which stop us from moving forward. It’s been there and we adapted these beliefs’ as we grew up in our lives.

In this content I want to discuss these two very important questions;

  • Which of these core limiting beliefs’ do you feel is most affecting your career right now at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing?
  • How would things be different if you didn’t have this limiting belief?

I’m Not Worthy At Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing

I’m not worthy is one core limiting beliefs’ affecting many people’s career right now. Those that grew up in a broken family feels that they are not worthy on their career path. They feel that as a child from a broken family they are rejected by the society which made them prone to abusing behaviors. People will look at them as a loser and will not be able to perform in whatever career they encounter in life.Most grew up in life with that feeling of not worthy in their DNA or Blue print.It became part of the whole system within and reflects unworthiness in their well being or what they are doing in life everyday.

See other people that are successful in life make them feel unworthy in the societies.These beliefs’ system becomes part of them in life and makes them to attract more unworthiness on their journey .

I’m Not Smart Enough At Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing

I’m not smart enough is another belief system that is hindering many people to be prosperous in their lives. This is because of the experiences and conditioning that was adapted during their childhood days.

A good example is during my childhood when my neighborhood and school mates tease me about my family. They say negative things about me and don’t want to play with me.Also my result at school is not like other kids. I will be at the bottom of the class which makes me feel not good throughout the growing up years.

This also made me not to be a good public speaker as I grew up. I grew up to be a shy person and scarce to make presentations in my work place and talked to people.Most of my times I will make excuses for not attending the presentation at seminars or workshops.

It’s a dominant feeling that affects my life throughout the growing up and becomes part of the belief system.

I’m Afraid I’II Fail at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing

I’m afraid I’ll fail is another core belief that is hindering many people around the world. This belief is not something that is happening now but it is a belief that is implanted during the childhood days.

A good example is when I was about 6 years old I was forced to do everything for the family that I lived with after the divorce of my mother and father went through. I have to do the things that the family wants me to do and if I don’t do it I will be punished. I will do whatever they asked of me to do like going to the garden, cutting firewood and so fort while other kids are enjoying their freedom.

I did all these because I was afraid I’ll fail and what the consequences will happen to me if I’m not doing what they asked of me.It becomes my dominant feeling and belief within my being.

How Would Things Be Different If Wealthy Affiliate Didn’t Have This Limiting Belief?

Many people will have a proper family, good teachings(education) and proper conditioning during their childhood or teenage life which will make things different today.People will see things positively as the 10% do.Many people will have their own house for their kids; help their communities, their provinces, their countries and the world to have good life.People will be different than whom they are today.They will attract and manifest things easier than what they experience in their life today.

The condition mind set that they grew up with about luck of money needs to be erase. People need to replace the old mindset of conditioning at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities from;

  • I am not worthy” to “I’m worthy to be,
  • I’m not smart enough” to I’m smart,
  • I’m afraid I’II fail” to I’m not afraid to fail.

This can change the mindset through practicing these believe at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing;

  • I’m worthy to be at Wealthy Affiliate to make money,
  • I’m smart at Wealthy Affiliate to make money,
  • I’m not afraid to fail at Wealthy Affiliate to make money.

Believed that you can make money at Wealthy Affiliate and be positive every day is a way forward for installing a new believed system in our mindset. Change the mindset to abundance rather than luck of money. See money as a blessing from the universe that is given to us to enjoy. There is enough money for everyone in the universe.

In Conclusion

Remove fear of failure in your mind at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many good people that can help with the programs to be successful. These people are there to help others to be successful and helped the world to be a better place. They provide tools that can help build a successful business online step by step. These tools are easy to follow through the training that is available at Wealthy Affiliate.

Stop fearing technology and be smart to use these tools rather than feeding the fear within which will stop you from taking actions.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of smart people that lives a life that is unique from others. They accept and embrace the differences of others and everyone around them has a story worth listening to. They dedicated their time at Wealthy Affiliate and ready to help others to be successful as well.

Turn within and remove these core beliefs’;

  • I’m not worthy
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I’m afraid I’ll fail,

then everything will be fine to start the training program at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.


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