Things Only Awakened Souls Will Understand At Wealthy Affiliate

1.0 Introduction

Getting to the point where your consciousness is expanded and your soul is fully awake is not an easy place to get to. It’s not impossible; it just takes a bit of time.

If anyone is looking for a quick fix or a magic pill to get them to this state, you’re on the wrong planet. To awaken your soul takes a bit of persistence, some patience and faith. It won’t happen overnight but you can make it happen. The result?

    A beautiful soul and energy that can appreciate, love and manifest anything into being. Some say this is new age thinking and they are probably right. In my opinion, those whom aren’t open to at least a slight amount of awakening will miss out on hidden beauty the world has to offer.

    2.0 What Is It The Only Awakened Souls Know And Completely Understand?

    2.0.1 Reincarnation 

    Always a heated topic. Either you believe in it or you simply don’t. There’s no in between here.Those with awakened souls get the concept of learning new things and expanding to prepare for rebirth.

    2.0.2 Life After Death

    Being freed from your human suit into the spiritual realm is something awakened souls might actually look forward to. The spiritual place is one of love, light and free from pain. Who wouldn’t want to enter there?

    2.0.3 Our Life’s Purpose

    Knowing what you are here for and actively pursuing it is something these souls will do with determination and an open mind.

    They understand they are here for a reason and make sure they are in line with their purpose at all times.

    2.0.4 Time For Reflection

    Reflecting on our lives keeps us accountable for our soul’s purpose. There may be a time when we slip away from our true vision and purpose.

    Reflecting is important for us to steer us back in the direction we belong. Not only is it important, it’s necessary.

    2.0.5 True Love

    There is no other love. The awakened soul loves all beings and creatures and does not judge. Unconditional love is the purest form.

    There is an acceptance and a respect only these souls will understand. There is no judging or hate here.

    2.0.6 Responsibility And Accountability

    They are aware of who and what they are and value the importance of being responsible for their beliefs and staying true to their purpose.

    These souls are open to redemption if they required.

    2.0.7 Nothing Is Impossible 

    They are open to receiving anything that will truly serve them and won’t take manifestation lightly. The power of manifesting can be abused and awakened souls are completely aware of this power.

    They only manifest what they need, not for greed or materialistic tendencies, but to nourish their souls and help them live out their purpose.

    2.0.8 We Are All One

    Each and every one of us is part of the bigger and beautiful collective that is Universe.

    We understand that we all have everything we already need inside of us to live beautiful lives filled with love and light.

    2.0.9 Transformation Is Necessary  

    Awakened souls are fully aware of what no longer serves them and what needs to take place in order to transform into the light being that they long to be.

    To be an awakened soul is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. They have an aura around them that is warm and beautiful.

    You will recognize them instantly and want to be around them more. They are natural healers and radiate love and light. Becoming one will be one of the most liberating things you can ever do for yourself. There will be no hate, no judgement and only love.

    3.0 Acitivities That Promote Spiritual Growth(Non – Spiritual)

    People often compare spirituality and religion as if they are the same thing, but this is very misguided. A person does not have to say their prayers, attend sacred services or devote any special specific time or money to anyone in order to be spiritually connected or active. Similarly, a person who regularly follows rigid religious practices isn’t necessarily particularly spiritually connected themselves.

    Good spiritual health can manifest in a couple of different ways. First, there is the collective or cultural spiritual health; this is something you see in a society, for example, the way they treat the elderly or the attitude toward impoverished members of that society. The ability to accept those who are different from them is also a big indicator.

    The second way this manifests is in an individual manner. This is how well you truly know yourself or your own soul. How connected you are to your own inner space, or your base instincts and inclinations is a pretty clear indicator of spiritual health.

    3.0.1 Tactile Arts And Crafts

    This includes anything from cross-stitching to oil painting to Origami. Working with your own hands to make something original or beautiful is always a great way to express yourself with authenticity.

    3.0.2 Taking Part In Music

    Whether you are just listening and experiencing it or playing it yourself, music is a wonderful tool for self-expression and exploration. Something about music can move us in psychological and emotional ways like nothing else can.

    Clear vibratory tones have even been used as part of traditional medicinal practices since ancient times. Music truly connects the body and mind to the soul.

    3.0.3 Do Some Writing

    Writing is a unique form of expression in the sense that you can use it as an outlet for extremely intimate and private thoughts in the first person, or you can use it as an extension of yourself, expressing things through metaphor or symbol in a different narrative.

    Either way, it is thoroughly cathartic and useful for documenting and being able to see the progress you’ve made over time.

    3.0.4 Exercise And Movement

    All human beings need movement in order to thrive. Even if you are injured or out of shape, some form of (appropriately safe) exercise is nearly always recommended by medical and spiritual healers.

    Movement and physical activity not only promote a healthy body and efficient function of joints and muscles, but it also encourages your brain to release more of the chemicals that make us alert and keep us content.

    Getting out and exercising doesn’t necessarily have to mean going to the gym or doing push ups or running a mile, it can be low impact and soothing, swimming in a cool pool or hiking a beautiful mountain trail. This promotes a full activation and connection between mind, body, and spirit. It also gives us time to reflect.

    3.0.5 Do Nothing At All

    In these modern times of technology and media, many of us are left with almost no time in the day during which we have no external stimuli engaging our senses. This might be fine for the most part, but truthfully one of the best things you can do to enhance spiritual growth is to spend some time totally alone with just yourself and your thoughts.

    Simple introspection without any distractions will do wonders for a person’s relationship to their spirituality. Some do this through a meditative practice, but it can also be done just by withdrawing into a quiet place where you’re comfortable and safe to question and work on yourself without fear of judgment or disturbance.

    Do you understand and pratice these things in your journey at Wealthy Affiliate? Leave comments below.


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