The Customers Perspective At Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities

1.0  Abstract

The objective of this post is to propose for evaluation of Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities to help online marketers maintain their customers at the platform. The approach will be based on the integration of Law of Attraction and how members can utilize the knowledge to grow their online business. These approaches will be on Law of attraction and money, and the Universal aspect of Law of Attraction mindset at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.

There are other ways that many online companies used to attract the customers. This is because they want to create better relationship and maintain their customers in their online businesses. Without any proper customers perspectives in any online businesses clients can withdraw to join other online businesses that they see fit for them. This can either be for the products and services platforms in the online marketing Industries.

There are many quick money making marketing opportunities in the online world. These companies promise big return for joining them. The companies promise better tools and strategies to make money in a short period of time. These can be in days, weeks and months.

Thus, at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities is different. The company teaches you the knowledge of creating your website from the scratch to a full grown complete website. Through the training programs you can learn to build your website on your own with the tools and strategies that are available at the platform. Through this it makes you feel good and happy to know how to create a website and when you came across any quick affiliate making money opportunities it makes you to make a good decision because you understand what a website creation is like.

2.0 Background Information

My journey at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities was started in 2017 when I came across an email from Kyle out of nowhere in my Gmail account. It was very confusing at that time when I received his mail about the opportunities at Wealthy Affiliate. There are other mails with opportunities but something makes things interesting while reading about Wealthy Affiliate even of the scams that many people in my country is receiving on their emails. All questions are running in my mind at that time such as; how comes did he knew my email address? Why comes I met this opportunity? Is this real or scam?

After reading the Wealthy Affiliate web page I signed up for the program. It was the next day that I see an email from Kyle welcoming me to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community as a free member. It was later in 2018 that I upgrade to Premium membership.

3.0 Introduction

The aim of this content is to develop a customer perspective about Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities, with specific emphasis on customer in differences and inertia. The holistic approach in the content here is distinct from most past studies on this topic that focused on a single determinant of customer retention, namely service characteristics. The hypothesized relationships are tested using data from a large-scale survey of the Law of attraction approach in the online world.

4.0 Getting Started Mindset At Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities

It all started when I finish my tertiary education at the University of South Pacific in 2006.In that same year in October 2006 I was accepted to work for the Water Resources Division at the Ministry of Mines and Energy one of the Ministries of the Solomon Islands Government. The salary package is not stimulus enough for the survival of the family which used up for the family needs and wants before the next fortnight. This becomes the normal trend for the family. We have to look for other alternative to feed the family before the next fortnight for the salary. When the fortnight payment arrives the money had to repay the credit the family took from others before the fortnight. This put the family in an awful position.

However, things got worsen when I had a sick son with hydrocephalus. He was the only survivor from his twin brother which was dead during the premature birth in 2013. It was a very difficult time taking care of him at the hospital and family at the same time. I was down to earth during that time. This took me five months to look after him in order to reach the required birth weight before he can be discharge from the hospital. We were discharged after five months however; we keep visiting the hospital after that for three years before he left us in May 2016.

Thus; during those times I started to think about other alternatives beside my normal job to support my family. I started to think about online marketing to help support the family. This made me to search for online marketing opportunities online. This is the only thing I taught of that can help beside any other business opportunities. The feeling becomes dominant and every day I’m thinking only of online opportunities.

Then, one day I received an email out of nowhere from Kyle. There are other emails I received but something makes me to like Kyles email more than others. I signed in and start to read about Wealthy Affiliate which later I went Premium.

After all these things I went through I tend to believe that what I had went through prepares me to meet Wealthy Affiliate. It is not co-incidence. I had to go through all these hardship to meet Wealthy Affiliate. These problems pave a way and learning through these difficulties, accepting and thankful for what I’m going through brings me today at Wealthy Affiliate.

5.0 My Perspective Of Law Of Attraction At Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities

I believed that Law of Attraction is part of Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities whether you realize it or not. Well, the Law of Attraction is only one of the “universal laws” that governs the very fabric of your reality. By making little shifts in your thinking daily, you can literally alter your physical reality at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing.

The future depends on what you do today.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

When I came across law of attraction I did not know what the law meant for my life. I taught that every thing I went through in my life, the sick son, my wife and I not living a happy life with each other and the difficulties encounter with finance to support the family are normal.

Then one day I started to receive some information about Law of attraction teaching appearing in my Facebook account and email out of nowhere. I started to follow the groups and read about the Law that I received in my Facebook and email accounts.

The knowledge that I gained from these teachings started to make sense to me.I started to reflect about the problems that I went through with the teachings of the Law of Attraction. The Law is unveiling itself and I start to see the light. All the problems that I encounter are not something that is happening for nothing. I had to go through these difficulties for a reason that only I can understand and the people that I came across online are for a reason.

Meeting Kyle is no coincidence by chance but we had to cross our path in our journeys at Wealthy Affiliate. It is through the Law of attraction that I became a person that I want to be at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities. Law of attraction can open your eyes to see the bigger picture about life .Most people do not realize the Law is working but if they can see and understand the Law at work they can use the tools to guide them in their dreams.

Infact, every human on this planet is ruled by this law and all of us are following it in a way whether knowingly or unknowingly. This Law can give you everything you wish. Be it wealth, happiness, prosperity, abundance or success. It can give you your dream job. It can give you your dream home. It can give you your dream relationship. It can give you wealth. Only if, you understand and apply this law in your life properly.

The Law of Attraction changed me and my life for good. I realized I almost lived my entire life by this law which I was totally unaware off and after carefully examining the same with few people around me, I started believing in it. It really works, whether we believe it or not, but each one of us live this law.

The Law of Attraction is the most powerful Law of this Universe and it works in all circumstances. It cannot FAIL. It simply cannot fail. Whether you decide to accept it or reject it. Law of Attraction is always working, in every single circumstance.

Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. This means that whatever situation you are in right now in your life, you have attracted it in your life. You are the creator of all your life situations and it has been created by the virtue of your THOUGHTS, you are holding in your MIND.

Whatever we are thinking and continuously focusing upon in our MIND, you bring that into your life reality. This means that a particular thought that you keep repeating in your mind and keep thinking about continuously, is exactly what gets manifested into reality.

So if you say that this not happening or that is not happening and keep repeating this in your mind, you will notice that particular thing will never going to happen, even if you want it to happen

Because YOU are the creator of your own LIFE and by virtue of this LAW; you create all your Life situations. Everything that you are experiencing right now in your life, you have attracted it yourself because the Law of Attraction is responding to your thoughts only and no one else.

6.0 In Conclusion

The Law of Attraction is not a recent concept. It has been in existence for ages. Every leader or a person, who has done something phenomenal on this planet earth, has followed this law unconsciously to create a thing which seemed almost impossible to all the normal being like you and me. All the religions discussed about this Law centuries ago. The same is being introduced to us in different forms by various communities and thesis.

In order to understand how this Law works, just experience the technology around you. How a person sitting overseas is speaking something and we hear it 1000 kms far with the help of television or mobile phone. How? Ever wondered?

It’s the technology of Radio Magnetic Waves or Radio Magnetic Frequencies. Our Smart Phones or televisions through Small Satellites (Dish Antenna) convert these radio magnetic waves or frequencies into voice & video calls, Pictures and what not. We cannot see these Frequencies, but we can see and experience the end result in the form of either talking on the Mobile or by watching television.

The same way, our thoughts have electro-magnetic frequency. When we continuously think about something we want over & over again, we manifest the same into our lives.

When we imagine, visualize, feel and not challenge it with any contradict thought, our thoughts are being diverted into the Universe and we attract the same thing in our Life

So, your present Life is nothing but the manifestation of your thoughts. If you want to change your current Life, then you simply have to work on changing your thought pattern. Let me explain this by giving another example of Money:

Whenever we are in a crisis situation and need money what we do. We keep repeating thoughts of lack of money rather than ‘How we should make money’. We keep talking & thinking about shortage of money and would feel frustrated for not having it in abundance right now. Now if we link this basic situation to Law of Attraction, we would notice that whenever we have spoken about lack of money, we would get into a situation where we always ‘need’ money. We are never in abundance but a crisis situation.

To change this situation, you have to change your thoughts for lack of money and replace it with abundance.

If you want to check out the customers perspective and Law of attraction, then GET STARTED HERE at the training to test your customer perspectives at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.

I hope the content explained some clarity on how customers perspective is at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.If you do have anything to add on your experience on customer perspective and any question about this content, do leave a comment below.


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