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Good day to you all my friends at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities. I just want to share a bit about the money minting ideas that I came across. Before I continue on I would like to congratulate all of my friends as you are now going to be millionaires as you continue on your journey at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing. By following this money minting mind program you can achieve you dreams at Wealthy Affiliate.

First of all I would like to say that: The best part of your life starts now at Wealthy Affiliate. You are on your way to success. Let me make it clear that all my thoughts, that the content of this post may not be my invention or written by me.But I believe this will be extremely useful in raising your money vibration at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

I have divided the money mind minting program into four different parts. To digest this program you need to read and accept this concept with a clear mindset, keep all logical thinking aside before you try this yourself for the desired results. Listen quietly within your subconscious mind for guidance when you are reading this post.

  1. Visualizing Your Desires And Installing Them In Your Subconscious Mind

This is the most important and effective process of the whole program. You need to first understand the power of your thoughts because whatever thoughts are going in your mind will be coming to your life sooner or later. So, you need to start by installing positive program via the most powerful visualization process. Our mind has 2 different formats: one is conscious mind and other one is the subconscious mind (which is the most powerful one).

Conscious mind is working when we are awake and living our daily routine life, whereas the subconscious mind gets active when we are either half or fully asleep or even in meditation state. Whatever we think when our subconscious mind is active becomes a program in our mind which cannot be easily deleted. These types of programs are ultimately responsible for whatever happens in our life! We will use the power of subconscious mind and install the money minting program in our subconscious mind when it’s active.Watch Your Word

Let’s move forward to another important part of this process that starts with visualizing. Start it when you go to sleep at night, preferable to do when you are alone in a room with no noise around you or immediately after waking up early in the morning. This is because as mentioned earlier, our subconscious mind is active at such times.

Apart from these two time periods, you can also try doing it during meditation. Get in a meditation posture and just when you are about to sleep, take some deep breaths, get your mind focused, relax your mind and body completely (no need to sit straight) and relax all your body muscles. Now visualize in your thoughts as if you are seeing a golden gate, enter the gate and find 10 stairs going downwards. Start reverse countdown in your mind and visualize yourself moving downwards on stairs (10, 9, 8, 7, etc.). By the time you reach the count of 1, you will find yourself on a pleasant sea shore where there is no one present except you. You are all alone there and enjoying walking besides seashore.

Suddenly, you realize that it has started raining and when you look properly you understand it is money raining all around you. You can feel the money rain as if instead of water, bundles of money are falling over you, you can imagine money bundles hanging from the tree and also money flowing from the sea towards you instead of water. Imagine bundles and bundles of money raining on you (visualize the highest currency notes in your country, may be rupees, dollars, euros, pounds, etc.).

In Solomon Islands, you can visualize $100 note bundles. Imagine everywhere around you there is money raining in abundance with bundles and truckloads of money. There is unlimited money coming in from all directions around you. Feel the happiness of enjoying the money rain and smell the fragrance of currency if you can (for best effects, before you start visualizing get some currency notes and experience its smell; even keep currency notes poster in your room, so that you can easily visualize and feel it). Keep visualizing for as much time as you can friends.

Now you have started collecting the bundles in a big suitcase and you have completed filling many more suitcases with bundles of money. It is now time to carry these along with you. Think that you have bought all those suitcases or bags (whatever suits you) to your place and all your cupboards, drawers and every corner of your room or house is filled with just bundles of money. This is where the visualization process is completed. You can extend your imagination based on your liking and convenience.

You have to keep repeating this entire visualization process every night before going to bed as well as immediately after waking up in the morning or even while meditating. For people who know meditation very well, they can carry out this process at any time of the day. Only thing you should take care is not to do it as routine work, just for the sake of doing.

Whenever you do it, please do with full enthusiasm and happy state of mind. Always remember that the more you feel it for real, the more quickly you would be able to attract money in your life. After completing the visualization process and before opening your eyes, give positive affirmations to your mind. As your subconscious mind is fully active, try saying the following words to yourself in your mind:

  • Minting money in tonnes is the most easiest thing in the world
  • Money keeps raining in my life
  • I have unlimited money
  • I am the luckiest person in this world
  • Whatever I wish, I get it. All my wishes are always fulfilled

The first 2 affirmations (mentioned above) need to be said mandatory. Then, you can add different affirmations as per your priority. Keep repeating at least 4 to 5 times in your mind (which needs to be in a completely happy state). This completes the first part of the minting program. Let’s read further about the second part.

  1. Verbal Expressions Of Your Desires And Building The Environment In Your Favor

In this process, you don’t have to meditate. Here, you have to daily say to at least 3 different people from your routine life that “minting money is the most easiest thing in the world”, “money keeps raining in my life”, etc.

Yes, say these lines to 3 persons whatever their reactions may be; whether they laugh at you or make fun of you, do not take anything to heart. Everything will be in our favor. This way you will get more energy for your goals and so don’t shy away from doing this. Whenever we meet someone in our daily life, usually we ask each other things like “How are you?”, “How is your life going?”, “How is your career shaping up?” etc. So, now whenever you meet someone, say positive words like “Yes, my life is rocking”, “I am minting money in tonnes”, etc. irrespective of whether he /she asks you or not.

You can change words as per your language, but they should be completely positive. This way you are building a positive world for yourself everywhere you go. So, wherever you go, the positivity will come along. Everywhere people should be talking good things about you. This is possible if you always talk good things about yourself, your financial status, your career, etc. So, whatever may be the reality, try talking only about good and positive things. Make this a regular habit.

  1. Cleaning Up Your Subconscious Mind And Keeping Your Mind 100% Positive Everyday

Friends, this part of the process is the key for the success of the whole program. You can get 100% Keep Positivityresults out of this program only if your mind is 100% positive. You have to think positive and remain happy all the time; even before you go for visualization process at night or in the morning.

For this purpose, you need to stay away from newspapers, news channels, useless garbage TV serials, etc. Please remember all these are the biggest source of non-positive energy in this world. It may not be easy, but it is not impossible. Avoiding all this will always keep your mind in a relaxed and positive state. Stay away from people who are always talking non-positive things.

Whenever a non-positive thought comes in your mind, instantly think 3 positive thoughts. Slowly, your mind will get habituated for positive thinking only. Just keep thinking of what you want in your life. Don’t even think about things which you don’t want to happen in your life.

Most importantly, stop thinking what has happened with you in the past (that’s history). Just before reading this post, whatever has happened just forget it forever. Most of the non-positive thoughts coming in our mind is by thinking constantly about our past. No one can change the past and so there is no point in thinking what has already happened. Delete history FOREVER!

  1. Analysed Words You Use In Your Daily Life And Delete Non-Positive Or Unwanted Words

I keep mentioning use only positive words, use only those words which you want in your life, delete all non-positive words from your dictionary completely, etc. If you want profits, use the word profits only. If you want happiness and prosperity, use the words happiness and prosperity only. In simple words, delete all the opposites of such positive words.

There is a reason behind why I say so. The words which we use in our language while talking, messaging, etc. exist in our mind and if they keep existing in our mind, then, they will exist in our life too. So, let our mind forget all those unwanted words and this is possible only when we stop using them. Slowly, when we delete all such words from daily life, only positive words will exist in our mind; and whatever exists in our mind will come to our life, which will be 100% positive now.Visualization

So friends, I have done my best to provide you all with the details about money minting programs in the best possible way. For the best possible results, please read this post every morning and night before you go to sleep. It will become a program in your mind and you will not have to make much effort to keep your mind positive.

By following this money minting mind program at Wealthy Affiliate, I have experienced huge benefits. I strongly recommend to all my friends: please keep sharing this program with everyone. Do not care if someone likes you or not, share as much as you can. Be the reason and the medium of someone’s prosperity.

Have A Great Day Ahead…

Kaobata Jack


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    • Thank you very much, Dave.I hope that this content will change the mindset of people about money at Wealth Affiliate.

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