There are many words that are keywords. This range from A to Z in the alphapet. These words have a story that helped change the world in its own ways. It means many things to people that are reading it and are in the affiliate marketing.

Thus, in this blog I will discuss how we can used Jaaxy to search for keyword either for a local business, an online business or an affiliate driven business. Understanding these keywords will help to attract more traffic to your online business.


Jaaxy is the industry’s only keyword and research platform that was developed by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. There are an incredible number of hands on process that are very time consuming when it comes to your business. Keyword and competition research can be now a breeze.

Within Jaaxy you are getting the most advanced, yet useful platform in the world for managing all aspects of keyword, website, competition and market research.

By the way, if you are a starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate you will get 30 free searches.However, if you used the affiliate program that comes with Jaaxy, if you can get signups, you get 10 search credits per signups.This can become quite lucratives. You can then sustain your free membership.

While at Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate you have all the access to Jaaxy keyword search platform plus Wealth Affiliate keyword search tools.


Like any other search tools online, Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool is an unique tool used purposely for keyword searching. You can search for any keyword you like for your online business. It can either be positive or negative, long or short but it must be sound correctly in English(Grammatically correct).This means that if your keyword is not grammatically sound correct it can result in some low traffic. Always remember to correct your keywords before you use them in your keyword search.

However, do please take into consideration the following; AVG, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and DOMAIN. These things are part of your search guidelines to keep you choose the best keywords or key sentences you want for your online business.

However, if I’m correct these things can be change over time in the years to come. Do remember to listen for any changes that are associated with Jaaxy search tools from our Wealthy Affiliate Community.

For time being let’s used what is available at Jaaxy platform at the moment. Below are what the above initials stands for and what figures are associated with them.

Columns Shows:

Keyword – This is a list of possible combination of your keyword input.

QSR – Quoted search results – number of competing websites.

KQI – Key quality Index

Red – Not worth it

Yellow – Medium worth

Green – Great worth

SEO – High ranking scores greater than 100 have a ranking on 1st page.

Domains – Availability of domains available according to key input.

Related – Related keywords to your keyword input.

Brainstorm – Quick link to brainstorm feature.

The skill to remember here is to choose keywords from your input that result in:

1. Under 300 QSR; .Ideally 200 – Quoted search results

2. Over 100 SEO – Exact searches and

3. Does the keyword phrase make sense to you as an online marketer?

To check if you have understood this correctly, ask yourself these questions;

  • Did I attract any traffic on my website? The greater the traffic, the better the traffic.
  • Did your keyword phase make sense to you?
  • Did the competition low? The lower the competition, the better the traffic.

Membership At Jaaxy

There are Three level of membership at Jaaxy. Firstly, is the Free Starter Membership where you can joined for free.There is no cost associated with this membership.By joining for Free you will have 30 keyword searches, 20 search results, website Analyzer, Affiliate Program finder, keyword list manager, brainstorm idea feed, keyword competition data, 1 x speed, Affiliate Program and 30 site rank analysis scam.After exhausting you free membership trial you need to upgrade to PRO LEVEL.

At Second membership level which is the PRO LEVEL is mostly popular for new websites.It cost $49/month and can be upgraded to yearly membership.

The Third membership level is the ENTERPRISE which is for the power users from the PRO LEVEL.It is $99/month and can also upgraded to yearly membership.


If the questions are answer then you have a great keyword to use at your website to bring in more traffic and start earning in your journey at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.


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