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1. Introduction

Today I want to share with you how to keep your dream alive and lifestyle that unleashes total happiness, fulfillment and abundance into your life and then gives you tools to put yourself on the fast track to getting there to your dream lifestyle.

Thus; imagine finally having the blueprint of the perfect lifestyle for that you want, where you wake up every day full of happiness, fulfillment, excitement and energy, where your life gets better and better every single day, where every night you lay down to sleep full of gratitude that you finally get to live the life you always desired which you no longer feel like you’re “missing something” or “don’t know where your life is going”.

We all have within us the ability to achieve a dream lifestyle as perfect for us as our own DNA, where we can live every moment according to our greatest values, passions and bliss which make the world a better place in the process leaving a legacy, among family, community, and humanity

We all have the potential for true happiness and fulfillment, but the problem is most people don’t know how to identify what they really want, or how to get it and most people don’t realize that their dream lifestyle is even possible.

However, the truth is, it’s there waiting for you. You just have to know what you want, and step into the version of you that already has it.For example; like stepping through a portal to a new reality.

I want you to finally have the blueprint for your perfect dream lifestyle, and know how to get there, without struggle and setback. I want you to feel invigorated by passion and vision, and feel empowered to live according to your own terms.

It’s time for us to stop struggling, settling, suffocating and just to live another day of the same. It’s time to set ourselves free and together, let’s rise above what society tells us we can’t do and let’s design a life where there are no limits to your freedom, abundance and fulfillment.

These steps are highly calculated and if follow accordingly you can achieved the dream lifestyle that you ever wanted to change the world. Let’s get into the first step.

2. Understand the Virtuality of Reality

The biggest factor in personal struggle is the belief that your lives or your circumstances are fixed. Most people live years in struggle, wanting a way out but not seeing it, or believing it and not realizing one radical revelation that would change everything, which is your reality is virtual.

The master key to this revelation is to understand the core drive of your entire reality which is the Awareness within us.

If your life was a virtual reality game (which in a way it is), your awareness would be the controller. You hold the master controller of your life in the palm of your hand.

Your master controller is your awareness as stated by Neville Goddard;

“Consciousness is the one and only reality, not figuratively but actually. This reality may for the sake of clarity be likened unto a stream which is divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious.”

Your consciousness is the fabric of your entire reality. It’s the data sphere you live in.You control the game play of your life through conscious direction of your awareness. For example; turn left, turn right, upgrade, and downgrade, enter a new scene, stay in your present scene. This is all done through the controller of awareness.

Once you direct your awareness to something new, say, a reality where you are living the thrilling story-line of your dreams. You enter a new data stream, from which your subconscious takes over. Your subconscious is the computer processor. It takes commands, and then does the work of connecting data and transporting you through a journey of fulfillment.

ALL you need to do is learn to be the master of your awareness, and you then become the player who is in control, constantly jumping into new data streams of your choosing. You get to be a game player jumping between data streams, experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

How is this done?

First, by realizing that you are the master of your life, greater than any feeling, circumstance, or aspect of your experiential world.

Then, learn how to stop living in your own “prison” reality, and start choosing and living what you really want. This is done by asking two questions:

  • What do I want?
  • How would it feel to have it?

Once you enter a new awareness, which is simply a new feeling of inner truth about your reality, that new reality is born.

You step into a new scene, and your circumstances begin crystallizing to turn it into fact. Your reality is a composite of everything you accept as true. Accept a new truth, and a new reality program is launched within you.

Once you have the unshakable revelation that YOU ARE GREATER, THEN, YOU ARE THE MASTER CONTROLLER, and your Awareness is the Control Center of everything in your life.

You’ve unlocked the first step of the Freedom Code. You become unstoppable. How?

If you knew you were the master controller, and there was nothing and no one that could stop you,

  • Would you have any limits?
  • What would you do then?
  • How much more courage, passion, and freedom would you have?

The second steps to keep you dream alive at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities is;

3. Be authentic in everything you do

Most people live their lives based on the rules of others. They do not live an authentic life because they don’t believe they can.

They get up every day and “settle” for the circumstances they’ve “been given”, not realizing they already hold the key to freedom.

But here’s the secret – “facts” are only real to the extent that you believe they are.

What “you’ve been given” is only ever given as a gift from YOU to YOU as stated by Neville Goddard;

“Well, facts have overflowed the world like the flood. Man actually is ‘drowned’ with facts, victimized by facts. It is in the Imagination that everything lives, and not in its actuality, not in the fact. Unless Imagination penetrates the facts, the deluge remains a deluge. We are now in the deluge.”

Your freedom will only be found when you rise above the flood of facts around you. Everything BEGINS and ENDS in imagination, and therefore YOU get to decide what is true about your life.

What do you truly want? That is your authentic self. Authenticity is your portal to freedom and as soon as you begin listening to your true desires, and living from them, your life will unfold with incredible grace and awe-inspiring speed.

But you must KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, and instead of ignoring that, start learning how to live it. No matter what your circumstances are today, you can begin living your authentic self from this moment forward.

How do you know what you want? Ask yourself more questions. But they must be the right kind of questions. “WHY do I want this?” By asking yourself this often, you will be mining your basic desires, your passions and values. Once you unearth your passions and values, you know what you REALLY want.

This isn’t money, a mansion or a Ferrari. It’s deeper than that. Your authentic self wants experience such as fulfillment, love, compassion, and freedom which are all examples of experience.

When you uncover your true desires, you can begin living from them and designing your life around them which from there, your authentic self will naturally emerge. You’ll be in a constant state of flow.

For example; once I discovered my passion for sharing these teachings with others and the ones that completely transformed my own life in a way that is easily digestible and actionable, I was able to finally step into my authentic self.

I became a servant to my passion, my values, and my authenticity which created a LIMITLESS ME.

So do discover your passions and values, and step into your authentic self-daily.

4. Get into your hyper-lane and stay there

On the second step we discussed the revelation of living as your authentic self and asking more questions that reveal your basic desires as you start living authentically which your WHY begins to naturally emerge.

The “why” I’m talking about is your BIG why… why are you getting up today and doing what you are doing?

Do you have a reason, a purpose or are you just living to survive?

Hint: one of these drains your energy, the other charges your energy.

If you’re having difficulty sleeping at night, and wake up every morning with low energy, then drag yourself through the day, just to repeat the whole process over again and again…

(p.s. this was me, until I discovered what I’m sharing with you)

Chances are you are lacking one crucial ingredient to freedom which is YOUR WHY.

Your BIG WHY is your hyper-lane. It’s your energy source. It’s your highway to freedom.

Without your WHY, you are sputtering along, stalling, feeling like something is missing, and lacking direction.

When Neo (in the matrix) was given the opportunity to prove himself as THE ONE, He suddenly had a WHY. And his life changed radically because of it.

Your WHY gives you hyper-focus, hyper-speed, and puts you into your own personal hyper-lane meaning, you easily and effortlessly live each day with clear direction and with a destination.

This results in progress, excitement, evolution, and seeing actual results towards your desired lifestyle. When you live from your WHY every day, life unfolds with synchronicity.

When you live from your WHY, life works FOR you, instead of against you. You begin living downstream, meaning life gets fun, thrilling, and meaningful.

Having your WHY allows you to easily STAY IN YOUR HYPER-LANE so that your dream life takes off in an effortless way. Your WHY is the lifeblood of your dream life. It’s that crucial.

Determine your WHY, and you will automatically and effortlessly gain momentum towards your dreams.

5. Dream impossible (super super super large) dreams

First, let’s dispel something for you right now. I know I just said “dream impossible dreams”, but this was only to get your attention.

Now I’m going to tell you the truth: To you, NO DREAM is impossible. Scientifically speaking, there is actually no such thing as an impossible dream.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

– Walt Disney

So now that we have that out of the way. Most people live and dream WAY too small. If what you dream of daily isn’t something that scares you a little, you’re not dreaming big enough.

Dreams are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you’re only dreaming of being able to pay your bills, you’re dreaming too small because there’s no stretching or growth built into the DNA of your dreams.

Growth comes from big dreams. Impact; legacy and freedom come from big dreams.

When you dream big, you stretch yourself. And even if you don’t achieve it, you’ll go MUCH farther than if you didn’t dream big at all.

In step 3, we discussed your hyper-lane, and how by getting into it each day you’ll see much more momentum, ease, success and fulfillment in your life.

Well, big dreams fuel your hyper-lane. They stretch you and pull you up to a higher sphere of reality. Big dreams bend and shape your reality. Dream the astronomical, and you are pulled into an accelerated hyper-lane of growth and transformation.

So remember: no dream is impossible. Then dream like you’ve never dreamed before.

6. Install superhero-like belief     

You can have a WHY, dream big, but if you don’t have superhero-like belief, you’ll actually shrink down and life will get harder because you’ll know your purpose, but won’t be able to live it.

I want to avoid that happening to you. So here’s a secret – you have a super power.

What is it?


Belief and self-confidence – knowing you can do anything you desire – is as vital as oxygen to seeing your life transform into the mold of your greatest dreams and it’s also your super power because it gives you the ability to actually go out and achieve those dreams.

Are you having trouble achieving your dreams? Maybe it’s due to fear, lack of confidence, circumstances, or just not thinking you have what it takes? Then look to the belief you have in yourself and then “hack” it. Make it superhero-like.

Neo (in The Matrix) would not have learned to bend his reality without stepping into the unknown and abandoning all lack of belief. He embraced his own self-power, and learned the impossible because of it.Likewise, abandoning all lack of belief in yourself will allow you to achieve the “impossible”.

Lack of confidence and belief is the number one plague that robs society of dreams and progress. But here’s something you might not realize:

Belief is a lot easier to embrace than you think. All you need to do is commit to playing your life like a game, and know that your awareness is the ONLY thing that shapes your reality. Not the government, not the president, not the economy.

What you are aware of is what you experience more of in your life.

Remembering this will automatically up level your belief in yourself because you’ll know that if you can be aware of it, you can achieve it.

Want more money? Believe you have it.Want more confidence? Believe you have it.Want more love? Believe you have it.

It really all comes down to belief. When you believe in yourself your desires become self-fulfilling and you live in the ultimate state of FLOW.

Life becomes effortless, fulfilling and empowering.

Imagine and believing you could do absolutely anything in life.

How would it feel?

Embrace that feeling each and every day, and your life will change.

7. Expand and Ascend 

Expansion is the nature of the universe.Humanity, consciousness and the universe itself is in an exponential state of expansion. Just look at how quickly technology has progressed in less than 100 years, compared to centuries prior.

Embrace – and be eager for – expansion, and you will fulfil your purpose in this lifetime to discover your infinite potential through growth and expansion.

What does that look like in terms of daily routine?

Well, how does your inner self-talk look throughout the day?

  • “I need to get out of this…”
  • “I don’t have any power over that…”
  • “The government is holding me back…”
  • “I just need to pay the bills and I’ll be able to start pursuing what I really desire…”

These are all examples of constructive thinking. They don’t allow you to expand, evolve or ascend. They keep you where you currently are… stuck. They keep your power OUTSIDE of you with no opportunity for growth.

If you want to blast yourself towards more happiness, fulfillment, and all you desire in life you must crave growth.

A primary desire for growth is your rocket ship in life. In fact, we believe it’s your purpose. You are here in human form, on this planet, to grow and ascend into the realization of what you truly are that is Infinite.

Your growth and expansion is a slingshot that you pull it back with desire, and sling it forward with belief. Each time you put full belief in a desire, you slingshot yourself forward at a new level of hyper-speed.

But you need to crave expansion first. Starting each day craving growth and expansion and then making it a point to live from that place throughout the day which will AUTOMATICALLY make your life better and more fulfilled.

Find opportunity and excitement for growth as often as possible. Often it’s the simple things that cause the biggest change.

This is one of them. When you crave growth, and keep yourself unrestrained so that you can experience it, you attract it.You no longer give life to struggle and limitation, because your focus is on the journey.

“The journey” is a symbol for growth. Those with a high level of success don’t live from a place of “fixing things” or “surviving”. They live from a place of craving growth that live for each step of the journey.

You must realize… without the journey… there is nothing to look forward to.

8. Conclusion 

This is how you can keep your dream alive at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities. Life transformation decoded into 6 SIMPLE STEPS that get yourself unstuck and in your hyper-lane to your dream lifestyle.

Follow these steps and your desired success and freedom will be certain. Celebrate these steps, dedicate yourself, live with unrelenting curiosity and you’ll start seeing consistent and accelerating growth in all areas of your life.

Think about the three questions below and how they are related to your life.

  • Would you have any limits?
  • What would you do then?
  • How much more courage, passion, and freedom would you have?


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