How to find Keywords in Jaaxy for a Website

1.0 Introduction

In this page I’m going to promote Jaaxy Keyword search tool .Jaaxy is a tool where you can use to search for keyword for your website. It is create by Kyle and Carson the founder of Wealthy Affiliate to help marketers search keyword words for their website content at Wealthy Affiliate. Through this initiative by the founders; website keyword search for content is made easier for users that start from the scratch.Jaaxy is part of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and is helping newbies and experience marketers in the industry to search for keywords for their website which indexed immediately and rank in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

2.0 What Is Key Word?

According to Annelieke Van Den Berg; a keyword is a word that describes the content on your page or post. It’s the search term that you want to rank for within a certain page on your website. So when people search for that keyword or phase in Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines, they should find that page on your website.

For example; you got a website about laptops; you sell all sorts and types of laptops. You blog about what to look at when buying a laptop and you share reviews about laptops you offer on your online shop.

To make it more specific by brand you sell DELL Laptops so you’ve created a product category page about DELL Laptops. Before you start to write your review about the DELL Laptop, ask yourself these questions first before you write the review;

  • What kind of search term do you want to be found for?
  • Which words do you think people will use in the search engines to find you?
  • What would the search query look like?

Probably you will search for Dell Laptops because this is the keyword that reflects on the page or post best. If you’d have to explain the bottom line of your content;

  • How would that look?
  • What words would you use in Jaaxy search tool?

That’s your keyword or key phrase. We used the word “Keyword” all the time; this does not mean it consists of only one word. A lot of times keyword consist of multiple words. So when talking about keywords, a lot of times we mean a phrase instead of just on word ( See Jaaxy Review).

3.0 The Importance of Keywords at Jaaxy for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

One of the things Google looks at when ranking a page is the content on that page. It looks at the words on the page or post of your website.

For example; if every keyword on, for instance, a blog post about a Dell Laptop- is used two times, then all words are equal importance. Google won’t have a clue which of those words are important and which aren’t. The words you’re using are clues for Google; it tells Google and other search engines what the page or post is about. So if you want to make Google understand what your page is about; you need to use it fairly.

Thus; Google isn’t the only reason why keywords are important. Actually, it’s less important because you should always focus on the user, your visitors and potential clients. With SEO you want people to land on your website when using a certain search term or keyword. You need to get into the heads of your audience and use the words they use when they are searching.

If you use the wrong keywords; you’ll never get the visitors you want or need because your text doesn’t match what your potential audience is searching for. But if you do use the keywords people are searching for, your business can thrive. So if you see it like that your keywords should reflect what your audience is searching for. With the wrong keywords, you’ll end up with the wrong audience or none at all. That’s why having the right keywords is really important at Jaaxy.

4.0 How Do You Use Keywords in Jaaxy for Your Pages and Posts

There used to be a time where you could add a lot of keywords to your pages and posts, do some old – fashioned keyword stuffing and you’d rank in search engines. But a post with a lot of the same keywords in it is not pleasant to read and because users find this kind of copy terrible to read, Google finds it terrible too. That’s why ranking in Google by doing keyword stuffing fortunately became hard to do (Annelieke Van Den Berg).

So what are the rules of thumb here? First and foremost, it’s very important that your content is easy to read. Of course, you should use your keywords in your pages or posts but don’t stuff your keywords in almost ever sentence. In general, if 1% or 2% of all words of your post or page is keyword then you’re not over doing it.Make sure your keywords are well – distributed throughout your pages or posts.

Don’t put your keywords in the first paragraph thinking you’re done with that part of the optimization. Naturally spread the keywords throughout your pages or posts. Use your keywords in a subheading or a capable of subheadings, depending on the length of your page or post. And use the keyword in your page title, first paragraph and your meta description.

5.0 Jaaxy Affiliate Program

On the other hand Jaaxy is also an affiliate program itself. This allows you to promote the tool and make some commissions or residual income from the program. By becoming a member at Jaaxy either as JAAXY PRO or JAAXY ENTERPRISE you are qualified to be part of the affiliate program.

These two membership affiliate programs are varied from each other in some ways. For instance, by promoting the tool at Jaaxy Pro by the referrals through the program you can earn $8 monthly recurring and $80 yearly recurring.

Whilst for the Jaaxy Enterprise through the referral program you can earn $20 monthly recurring which is about $200 yearly.

6.0 How to be a member at Jaaxy

To be a member at Jaaxy there are three membership fees for its stages.

At Jaaxy starter is a free membership stage where you can access 30 free keyword searches for no cost. At this stage it is good for newbies to learn how to search for key words for there website. Just type in your keyword in Jaaxy search tool and choose the keyword that sweets your niches. It is this stage that I start to learn how to search for keyword before moving to Jaaxy Pro.

Jaaxy Pro – This is the stage I’m at Now and the price is $19 per month or $199 per year. In this stage you get all the searches you want with every single SEO detail you need for ranking. At this stage it’s good for those that are going PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP at Wealthy Affiliate because it helps to grow your online business.

Jaaxy Enterprise – Is $49 per month or $499 per year. Jaaxy Enterprise is without any doubt the greatest tool you can ever use for your website with far more details, features and the blazing speed of the up to Ten times faster than it’s sister the Jaaxy Pro.Most of the experiences marketers and successful marketers are using the Jaaxy Enterprise.

7.0 My Final Though

Jaaxy keyword search tool is one of its kinds beside many others that you can use in the online marketing world. I came across Jaaxy keyword search tool when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. After choosing my niches for my website I start to search for keyword for my content and stumble into Jaaxy. Up till now Jaaxy keyword search tool is the only one I used for my keywords search. I just type in the keyword or multiple phrase keywords in the search tool and selected which sound best and grammatically correct beside many that are shown on the search tool for my page or post. 2.0

Name: Jaaxy – Jaaxy Pro – Jaaxy Enterprise

Website URL:

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: $0 Starter – PRO $19 Monthly – Enterprise $49 Monthly

(Pro $199 Yearly – Enterprise $499 Yearly)

Rate: 90/100

Final Verdict: 



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