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Knowing the dynamics that supports this adventure we call life is helpful, much like knowing the rules of any game we play. The better we understand the rules that govern the game, the more effective we can be playing it. Life is much like a game, in that there are defined rules that govern it, and understanding the dynamics gives us an advantage as we live our lives. 

First thing to understand is that everything without exception is an expression of energy. We tend to be so fixated on this physical world, which we forget to look beyond what our 5 senses bear witness to, to the energy expressing it. Everything that comes into being is always preceded by the conscious energy that defines it, and creates the matrix for the finite ingredients necessary to bring it into being. We have the ability to interact with God’s creative force to co create our unique reality as we live our lives. Whether we realize it or we are continually co creating our reality via our thoughts and feelings. Thought + Feeling = Creation. If you think about it every movement we make, word we speak, and action we take is always preceded by the conscious energy that supported it, and everything that has ever occurred in our lives always occurred in the moment, creation always occurs in the moment.

1. Creation always occurs in the moment; when we wish to create, always create in the now. 

2. The blueprint is always of the finished product. When we create using our conscious minds all we need to focus on is the last scene of the play (what we desire in its perfect state of being). If we wish to have a new car, visualize sitting in the car here and now, not tomorrow.

3. Thought + Feeling = Creation. Our thoughts define our reality, our feeling are the catalyst that bring our thoughts to fruition. When we think and feel positive thoughts, the frequency of the conscious energy that we generate effects our link to God’s creative matrix in a positive manner, creating pathways that will support our desires to create the finite creation that we desire. When we focus on negative thoughts and feelings, we are lowering our conscious energy, which will attract the lower energy that will bring negative results. Understand that God is everything that exists, you included, from the most personal expression you see as you, to the impersonal mechanism that supports and animates the universe. The force that we have the ability to co create with is at God’s impersonal creative level, and at this level there is no judgement as the correctness of what we are asking for, and God is happy to give to us what we ask for whether that be pudding, or poop, so it’s kind of important to remember that thoughts truly are things, and learn to be mindful of the conscious energy we express into our lives.

4. We can create using our ability to visualize things into being. Using a new car as an example, we can visualize ourselves sitting in our new car turning the knobs, squeezing the steering wheel, and feeling the excitement of having our new car. We can also imagine someone we love telling us how wonderful our new car is and feel the excitement of owning our new car as we imagine hearing their words. Our thoughts define what the wish is (car), our feelings of gratitude and excitement are the catalyst that set the process into action, much like hitting our desire with a large hammer, sending the positive creative energy of our wish defined out into God’s creative matrix where it can rebound back to us in the form of the wish fulfilled (new car).

5. Once you have defined your desires, and put things into motion by feeling the excitement of the wish fulfilled, don’t dwell on what you want, let it go, and know that things are in the works and all you have to do is pay attention to the workings of the creative force as it brings to you that which you desire. Any negative thoughts of question are like spelling coffee on the blueprints, and we need to keep our creative blueprints clear of anything that would obscure the perfect expression of our desires.

6. Two very powerful times in our day is when we first wake and open our eyes, and right when we close our eyes before bed. When we sleep, our ego’s rest which gives us clearer access to God’s creative force, unimpeded by our ego’s mental activity. When we wake, and right before we fall asleep, our conscious frequency is at a more receptive level, and it is easier to gain a strong link, and access with God’s creative force.

7. Be careful what you wish for. When we input our desires into God’s creative mechanism, the creative force will get us from point A (our present state) to point B (our desired state) in the most effective way. In a perfect world, when we desired a new car, a rich uncle would simply give us one, but the universe does not work quite like that. The universe may decide that the most expeditious way to get you into a new car is to let your present car blow up, leaving you on the side of the road, forcing you to pull together the resources needed for the new car, so be mindful of what you wish for, and know that God works in mysterious ways.

Personal experience has taught me that quite often the biggest gifts come wrapped in poop, which requires that we look a bit deeper than the poop we are standing in at the time, which can be a bit of a challenge, but practice makes perfect, and we are here to perfect our God given abilities.


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