Five Tips To Manifest Your Dreams At Wealthy Affiliate Programs

Don’t be offended, but there is an extremely high chance that you have been brainwashing. This brainwashing is the reason why so many people are trapped in lies they just want to escape from. Why the Manifestation fails for most people and why “working hard” for money and success will never, ever work.

I ‘d like to introduce you to the simplest way imaginable to make the manifestation work for you at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities just the way you always believed it could.

This technique is simple, easy, and it works for absolutely anyone who uses it to escape the jail cell and convert a life of lack into a life of abundance at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities.

I want to give you five valuable tips you can use right now to escape from jail and just manifest like gangbusters at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities no matter how ‘weird and crazy your dreams seem right now.

STEP 1: Reverse The Brainwashing With Wealthy Affiliate Programs. 

  • This brainwashing is the reason why so many people are trapped in lives they just want to escape from.
  • Why the Manifestation fails for most people.
  • And why ‘working hard’ for money and success will never, ever work.

The first step is to clear the brainwashing because you have been brainwashed. You’ve been brainwashed into believing that all you need to do is ‘imagine’ abundance to receive it.

You know, and I know, that there is a huge difference between ‘make believe’ and reality, right??!

So it’s time to stop insulting your own intelligence. It’s time to stop telling yourself that black is white and two plus two equals five. Telling yourself lies does no good (especially when deep down, you already know they’re lies!). That kind of nonsense is just frustrating, and gets you nowhere.Brain Washing

But the real problem is, this kind of mediocre or non-existent success with the Manifestation in the past has ‘brainwashed’ many people into believing it doesn’t work at all.

When nothing could be further from the truth! This Law is as real as you are. But if it’s not working in your life, that’s because you haven’t, had the full set of instructions yet. Your recipe is incomplete. Nobody has yet given you the missing ingredient you need to make it work for you.

I need you to really internalize that fact. Let the weight of doubt, anger, disappointment and confusion lift off your back. Feel yourself lightening as you realize that, yes, all things really are possible when (and only) you have the full recipe!

This is incredibly important, because don’t ‘counter brainwash’ yourself, you won’t be able to take part in the other four steps.

So go ahead and let go of the brainwashing. Realize that you have only been told a half-truth up until now and accept the fact that the Manifestation is real. It’s just waiting for you to take the simple step (that, through no fault of your own, you simply haven’t had until now) that will kick it into overdrive in your life.

STEP 2: Raise Your Vibration Of Abundance With  Wealthy Affiliate Programs. 

Fact: every one of us is putting out energetic vibrations every single second of the day. Everything is vibrating.

  • Rocks vibrate at a slow frequency.
  • Plants vibrate at higher frequency than rocks.
  • People vibrate at a higher rate than inanimate things.
  • Angry, sad, sick, depressed or despairing people vibrate at a lower pitch than happy, healthy people.
  • And happy, successful, rich, loving, joyful people vibrate at a highest pitch of all.

That’s physics by the way, all matter is energy, and all energy vibrates. Here’s some more physics for you: vibration are like tractor beams. They drag stuff towards you.

The vibrations you are putting out every second is literally pulling stuff that vibrates at a similar pitch towards you (Ever wondered why the same type of person keeps showing up in your life).

Like really does attract like and that means if you don’t have what you want in your life, it’s because your vibrations are not tuned to the right level.

  • If you bank account makes you want to cry or bang your head against the wall.
  • If you’re waking up at night and just staring at the ceiling.
  • If you’re waking up exhausted before the day has even begun.
  • If you’re like I used to be, and the high point of your week is simply the ‘absence of stress’ instead of true joy.

Then this is going to make a huge difference for you, because let me tell you there is a massive difference between simply feeling ‘okay’ and having an absolute blast every single day!

Here’s what you’ll find after you put this step into action:

  • ‘Magical coincidences and people just ‘popping up’ into your life offering you the exact help you need.
  • Financial worries, debt, and money anxiety just melting away like ice cream.
  • ‘Free money ‘ turning up when you least expect it, an out of the blue pay rise, a new job offer even if you weren’t looking, a promotion, a tax refund even checks in the mail!
  • Your mind feels focused, energized, and ‘ in tune’: your creativity and imagination goes through the roof.
  • Problems that were once so massive now just seem so easy to you.
  • Challenges now just seem fun and interesting, no like an insurmountable mountain of stress and anxiety.
  • Mental peace and calmness.
  • Physical energy.
  • A sense of deep relaxation and ‘rightness’ in your body and heart.

So how do you actually do it? The biggest key to raising your vibration to the level of peace and joy is to…

STEP 3: Know What You Want With Wealthy Affiliate Programs. 

Most people don’t have any idea of what it is they truly want. They have a vague idea, sure, but it’s not specific at all and instead of feeling excited and energized by reaching out and getting it, instead they just get paralyzed by the dreaded ‘how’s’.

The ‘how’ base mind talk is straight from their own mouths. This is the way most people talk to themselves.

So, I want to share with you my simple two-step process for raising your vibration instantly and supercharging the invisible tractor beam inside your head to drag in your dreams starting right now at Wealthy Affiliate Marketing.

Step A: Know what your Dreams are.

Step B: Stop worrying about how it’s going to happen!

First, let’s deal with step A: Know what your dreams are. When you know what you want in life magical things happen. There’s something about having a specific goal in mind that just sets the engines churning, the fires blazing and all sorts of people working on your side to help you out. It really is miraculous! But I’m not just talking about some vague desire for a ‘better life’. You’ve gotta know exactly what a ‘better life’ means to you.

See, there’s a big difference between sayings;

  • ‘Gosh I wish I didn’t have to work’, and
  • ‘I want to be financially able to quit my job, have thirty thousand bucks in the bank, and find a fun way to earn a massive income on the side’.

Specific count. I can’t explain why they count, but they do. And hey, don’t roll your eyes at me! This stuff has been proven in study after study.

Step B: Stop worrying about the HOWS!

Most people are riddled with doubts and ‘dreaded hows’.For example, at a deep core level, most people don’t believe it’s possible to be a millionaire without having;

  • Gone to the right college.
  • Met the right people.
  • Gotten the right job, and
  • Been lucky enough to grow up with a silver spoon in your mouth.

They just don’t believe it’s possible. That’s the brainwashing taking over again. Because the truth is, the ‘impossible’ becomes the ‘everyday’ all the freaking time.

It’s not what you do that brings about your dream. It’s simply that you do it.In practical terms, that means stop worrying about ‘how’ it’s all going to work out. Don’t worry about what seems ‘possible’ or ‘impossible’ right now. ‘Impossibility’ is highly fluid state and it changes literally all the time.

Just take a step. Make a dream board. Set an image on your computer screen background. Write a list, on paper. Do something. Do anything, no matter how small.

Just used what you have, today, right now, and see what happens. Doors will open. Things will happen. You will get shivers. I promise. Because the (shocking) truth is, you have more control than you think you do.

STEP 4: Stop Pretending That You Are Not In Control At Wealthy Affiliate Programs.

We’re taught to believe we have ‘zero control’ over what happens in our lives, right? And more brainwashing. In fact you have total control. Let me give an example.

Ever noticed that, very often, people grow up as mirrors of their environment. Not all the time, but definitely a lot more often than not kids who grow up with wealthy go-getter parents often turn out wealthy themselves. Why? Because wealth was their reality from the day they were born.

  • They didn’t have to think, ‘gosh, how will I ever get rich?In Control
  • It was part of their world and their expectation
  • They expect a certain level of abundance
  • It never occurs to them to doubt it
  • And so they continue at that level

Now, that’s not all there is to it.I’m not saying all kids born rich stay that way. Clearly, that would be nonsense.

But there’s no arguing that fear and lack play a huge role in what kinds of situations you end up living as your reality. I want to talk about fear for a second.

Know when true fear happens? The kind of fear that cripples your mind, locks the jail cell door, and murders your manifesting ability? It happens when you feel not in control.

Now remember. The thoughts you’re having at any moment send out vibrations that draw in like experiences all the freaking time.

And one of the most vital keys to ‘upping’ your vibrations and start drawing in more abundance, peace, joy, love, and cash is to stop experiencing stress and fear. Those two emotions will drag your vibrations down like someone threw you overboard wearing concrete boots.

Stress and fear will literally suck you down into the depths. Yet the feeling of control is a huge factor in how much stress and fear you experience. Remember, you can experience quite a lot of unpleasant stuffs, as long as you are in control meaning, you know why it’s happening, and you know you can choose to stop it from happening at any time.

Now what if I told you that you are in control? Because the truth is, you are. You are in complete control. You are the pilot of your own ship. You’ve already seen the proof that your thoughts become vibrations, which become actual things in your life.

Because (and this secret alone will change your life, if you let it) thoughts are things. They are not private. Someone is listening always. The Universe is the unseen listener at every conversation you have and every thought you whisper, speak, write, or think.

I’m not just making this stuff up out of my head. Some of the greatest and most brilliant thinkers of our world; Plato; Shakespeare; Ram; Dass; even Einstein himself, to name just a few knew the power of controlling your inner world to control your outer

What if you were in control?  What if you didn’t have to be afraid anymore? What would that feel like, to have absolute power, absolute control, to truly be the pilot of your own ship? Like you’ve got the diamond ticket to abundance? Like you’ve got super powers to live the life you’ve always wanted? Like anything and everything is possible?

You’re darn right and the best part is, it’s all true and you can see it for yourself, just by taking a look around.

Want to know how you can tell if a person realizes the power of their thoughts? Take a look at their life, at their body, at their family, at their relationship and at their income.

If they know how to control their thoughts and their vibrations, they will be experiencing abundance in one, two, or these life areas.

So, know this: you don’t have to experience stress of ‘the unknown’ any more. Stop pretending you aren’t in control!

STEP 5: How To Re-Tune Your Destiny To Manifest Abundance At Wealthy Affiliate Programs.

Okay the final step.

The thing is, you have to re-tune your destiny so it becomes your reality. That might sound like doublespeak at first, so let me explain. Most people aren’t living their destiny.

Consider this:

  • You don’t really think you were put on this earth to struggle, do you?
  • You don’t really believe your purpose in life is to live a dull, uninspiring life where you continually dream and wish for better, yet never, ever get it?
  • You don’t really believe that a life of lack is your destiny, right??!

Now, if you’re a pessimist by nature, then I can’t help you. In fact, I won’t even try; you can lead a horse to water, etc., etc.

But if you agree with me that your destiny is to live an amazing life then I can help you with that.

And it all comes down to one thing: ‘Re-tuning ‘your destiny so that it manifests in reality, not just in your imagination. Kind of like taking a car to the mechanic for an engine tune-up, just so everything runs nice and smooth.

Those steps take your dreams and tune them up so everything vibrates at the ‘perfect pitch’ to take the leap from dreams-cape to everyday reality.Re-Tune

So here’s how to re-tune your destiny so it becomes your reality. Give on the idea that hard work and struggle are the way to get ahead!

In our culture, we’ve been trained to believe that ‘opportunity looks a lot like hard work but it’s not. It’s just the carrot that leads us into the jail of our minds, so we’re locked in before we even realize it’s happening.

As kids, we see our parents going to work. We hear them complaining about stress, responsibility, mortgages, bill payments, putting food on the table.

Now, if we’re lucky we maybe don’t hear them complaining too often. But I challenge you to show me even one kid on this planet that didn’t grow up believing that you have to go to work, and you have to work hard, to get ahead in this life.

For me, that was absolutely true. I used to always believe that if I just worked hard enough, save my money, and was really, really lucky that I would eventually get to where I wanted to be.

But you know that? I wasted years of my life thinking that way, because I was brainwashed by society to think that ‘effort and hard work’ was my ticket to abundance and a life of joy.

It wasn’t. All it got me was burned out depressed, anxious, and constantly stressed. I felt like I was running on one of those dumb exercise machines in the gym you know, those bicycles you ride on that go now nowhere.

From the youngest years of our life, we see others growing up, getting jobs, working hard, and going to college, slaving away. That becomes our reality. We are now brainwashed to believe it is the way, but all it is, is a mental concept that has become acknowledge as “reality’.

“You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, which they will fight to protect it.”

You must stop being one of those people. You must stop letting hard work and effort take over your life. You must stop chasing the carrot, and get the carrot! And the best way to do it is via Destiny Tuning.

It’s a simple process that ‘re-tunes your mind’ to drag your dreams out of your imagination and make them reality. It’s the culmination of all steps I’ve already walked you through here today.

So, now, it’s up to you. You can take what I’ve already given you today and use these valuable tools to coax awesome results out of your life. And you can do that starting right now, and I wish you the best of luck.

Please leave questions or your personal reviews on the five valuable tips to manifest at Wealthy Affiliate Online Marketing Opportunities, leave a comment below.

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