5 Spiritual Boundaries To Push Every Day At Wealthy Affiliate

1. How Efficiently You Work( Joyful, Excited, Motivated)

What do you think when you heard the word ” work efficiently”?

The path of your dreams? Another day of drudgery? You decide which is true.I choose the path of my dreams.You have 15 to 17 waking hours per day.Fill them with as much excitement and motivation as you possibly can.You do this with the help of 3 rules:

Make It A Learning Experience                                                                    

All work experiences can be a learning experiences.You can learn to master skills.You can learn to master yourself.Learn to master both.

Align With You Dreams

Align your learning goals with your biggest dreams.Find what skills you can learn and what you learn about yourself, that will help you the most in reaching your dreams.

Make It A Flow Experience

Time disappers.Your hands and your mind move faster than what is reasonably possible.You feel both inner peace and excitement.There is just you and the task.You have felt this way many times before.You can feel this way while doing anything.

The gateway to flow is intense focus:Goal directed-focus on the edge of your current skill level.

2.How Much Gratitude You Feel

Gratitude is happiness.Gratitude is habit.Happiness is habit.

If you throw a rock into the air, it falls down again.If I jump into the air, I fall down again.I am a rock.

Who cares about logic? Happiness is atleast 50% habit.That is why it is so important to push your boundaries for gratitude everyday.

3.How Good You Make Others Feel

“Man is by nature a social animal – Aristotle

Are you waiting for others to make you happy? You fool! Make others happy and you will see your own happiness shine back at you.

4. You Level Of Unconditional Self-Love

When do you allow yourself to be happy? How high have you set the bar? You are always worthy of self-love.Your love for yourself should be like a large sun.Shining brightly for billions of years and ending in a supernova.Your conditions for self-love is messing you up.You deny parts of your self.You distort reality.Unconditional self- love is a decision you make in evey moment.Choose to love yourself now.There is no later.

5.Your Presence In This Ever Lasting Moment

Presence is everything.Presence is now.You are flowing at work.You feel gratitude.You see other people and satisfy their needs.You love yourself with burning intensity.

Push It Every Day


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