10 Signs You’re In The Middle Of A Major Life Change At Wealthy Affiliate

They say every 7 years we go through a change of life and this is why every 7 years our life course changes.A new life cycle, if you will. Some of us feel it, others ignore it. If you pay close attention to your vibration when you start to feel things are slightly shifting or you have that feeling of being antsy then you know you are going through a life cycle change.

What you do with it, is up to you.I try to pay attention to these shifts. For me they mean it’s time to switch gears or up the ante on an idea or project. So what exactly are these signs anyway?

Maybe you have felt something and really had no idea what it was other than just anxiety. Here are a few signs you may recognize Here Are A Few Signs You May Recognize

1.0 You Vibration Increases

Your body will physically alert you that it is ready for a shift. Imagine little beings in your blood, muscles, and nerves and every little cell in your body start tingling, almost running around.They are getting ready to switch lanes, vibrational lanes. You almost feel antsy-like.

2.0 Daydreaming Has Taken On A Whole New Level

You have taken your daydreaming up a notch or two.Things you used to only give a thought to for a second are now lingering on a little longer.You actually are starting to believe that this dream of yours might really manifest. And it’s rather exciting.

3.0 Get Excited

You’re starting to feel more excited about your goals, dreams, ideas, and plans and are actually putting a plan in place.You have this right time right place feeling and know you are on the right path. Follow it. Don’t ignore it. The time is now.

4.0 Losing Interest

While you still maintain many different interests and hobbies, you are starting to find the ones you used to enjoy no longer bring any enjoyment.This could also be friends and people you have been hanging around with for a while.

Could be you no longer have the same interests or mindsets and it may be time to move on. That’s ok too.

5.0 A New Purpose Or Passion Is Emerging

That something that is brewing inside of you could very well be your new purpose or passion. As we change, so do our passions and purposes as we discover new things and let go of other things. Make room for something new.

6.0 Spending Time Alone

You may suddenly have the feeling that you want to be alone more often.Alone in your house, in the woods, at the lake or wherever.

You just want to be by yourself, with your thoughts, in deep peace or in a meditative space. This is intuition speaking to you and reminding you to welcome solitude and new ideas.

7.0 Reading More

Do you find yourself drawn to more books rather than tv shows?

Do you suddenly have a thirst for knowledge as opposed to watching the rerun of your favorite show?

You’re growing, expanding and evolving. This is your brain’s way of saying please feed me, we’re switching gears.

8.0 You’re Changing

You have noticed a shift but your friends are definitely noticing it.You aren’t the same person. They feel it, not just notice it in your behaviour but in your energy.

Your vibration is so high it is affecting others around you. That’s a good thing.

9.0  Sensitivity Is Happening 

Do you find yourself to be slightly more sensitive lately than you have ever been? That’s pretty normal.

Your mind, energy, and feelings are changing and as they are, you are becoming more in tune with your surroundings, to people and quite possibly the sorrow that is happening around the world.

You are more aware of the homelessness and suffering of those around you and wonder how you can help.

10.0 Curiosity Killed The Cat

You want to know how things work, how they did that, who they are, how did they get there, and questions keep flooding in. Suddenly you want to know all things about everything around you.

It’s not about going to the coffee shop with a friend anymore and kicking back with a latte. Now you want to talk to the guy at the next table and find out all about him.

Yes, this vibration is different and powerful and you shouldn’t ignore it. Pay attention to it and all it is presenting to you. Your shift might be happening right now.


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